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Boron Neutron Capture Therapy 

bnct concept

Therapeutic dose monitoring in BNCT

Due2lab is a strategical supplier for the research project 3CaTS. The aim of 3CaTS project (“3D Cadmium-Zinc-Telluride Spectro-imager for X and gamma-ray applications”) is the development of a fully functional system for real-time therapeutic dose monitoring during BNCT treatment.

BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Theraphy) is a technique for treating certain types of cancer, especially those located in head and neck. It exploits the interaction between a neutrons beam and Boron atoms, which are delivered by means of selective drugs and accumulated inside the cancer cells. The interaction between neutrons and Boron atoms generate locally (inside the tumur) alpha particles, which are energetic enough to kill the cancer cells. For each alpha particle, also a characteristic gamma photon is generated during the neutron-Boron interaction. This gamma photon can be used for monitoring the rate of neutron-Boron interactions, that is proportional to the therapeutic dose given to the patient.

Due2lab developed a system for monitoring in real-time the number of these characteristic gamma photons, and thus the therapeutic dose, and for reconstructing the point of interaction in order to create a real-time 3D map of cancer cells (similar to SPECT diagnostic).  Due2lab is also the supplier of CZT sensor packaging/bonding and pre-amplification electronic readout system.

3CaTS is a project funded by Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) that involves INFN – sezione di Pavia, Istituto Italiano di Astrofisica (INAF/OAS – Bologna), Università di Palermo, Istituto IMEM-CNR (Parma) and due2lab s.r.l.


Fine-pitch pixels sensors for Medical Imaging

In partnership with IMEM-CNR of Parma and ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility) in Grenoble, Due2lab also develops CdZnTe-based multi-pixels sensors for medical imaging (Computed Tomography, SPECT, gamma cameras, etc).