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CdZnTe Detectors

Detector CdZnTe

Due2lab designs and realizes state-of-the-art CdZnTe detectors and develops custom solutions targeted on customers needs.

Thanks to the skills acquired as supplier for research institutions and for industrial costumers, Due2lab is nowadays a reliable provider of CZT-based radiation sensors. Due2lab sells its sensors not only to academic laboratories , but also to various companies interested in using X-ray technology for non-destructive testing.

All sensors are manufactured and tested at Due2lab by highly qualified personnel. The products are supplied with a characterization sheet and a certificate of conformity.



Single pixel detector with guard ring, for spectroscopic measurements in the energy range 10 – 120 keV.



Technical Features

Available thickness: 0,5 – 3 mm

Standard pixel size: 2 x 2 mm

Leakage current (@-800 V): 1 nA

Typical energy resolution @60 KeV (Am241) : < 4%

Type of Packaging

Available as bare detector or PCB mounted


Typical Am241 spectrum



High detection efficiency and optimal energy resolution, ideal for environmental monitoring



Technical Features

Standard dimensions: 10 x 10 x 5 mm^3

Leakage current (@-1100 V) < 3 nA

Typical energy resolution @662 KeV (Cs137) : < 3%

Type of Packaging

Available as bare detector or PCB mounted




Multi-pixel detector for spectroscopic imaging.


Technical Features

Available thickness: 0,5 – 6 mm

Standard planar dimensions: from 4 x 4 mm^2 to 25 x 25 mm^2

Type of Packaging

Available as bare detector  (available also custom design for ASIC bonding)


pixel_caratterizzazione_small_v3Caratteristiche dei pixel 

Minimum pixel size (L) : 40 µm (square pixel)

Minimum pixels gap (d) : 15 µm

Available thickness: 0,5 mm – 2 mm for  L < 100 µm

                                      0,5 mm – 6 mm for L > 100 µm



Detector with segmented anode and cathode (striped) for 3D reconstruction of the radiation interaction point within the detector volume.

Technical Features

Available thicknesses : 3 – 6 mm

Standard detector Area: 20 x 20 mm^2

Typical energy resolution @662 KeV (Cs137) : 2.2%

Type of Packaging

Available as bare detector or PCB mounted




Due2lab can provide several technologies and processes related to manufacturing and characterization of CdZnTe. This set of skills allows due2lab to face and solve technical challenges of its customers thanks to tailor-made solutions.


We create 3D maps of Tellurium inclusions using infrared microscopy

We manufacture custom sensors in small number series

We cut CdZnTe crystal to realize sensors of different shape and size

We lap and polish CdZnTe crystals to obtain surfaces with exceptionally low roughness

We passivate our detectors by depositing resistive oxides to obtain extremely low surface currents

We deposit extremely robust gold contact by means of chemical bath deposition

We deposit different metal contacts with various deposition techniques

We deposit complex multi-layer layers on the CdZnTe surface

In addition to standard geometries, we can make any type of custom sensor

We create patterned contacts on both sides of the sensor, through a double step photolithographic process

We electrically characterize our sensors to verify compliance with the specifications

We create the packaging of the sensors by designing it according to customer needs

We make detector stacks

We provide assistance for repairing sensors that are no longer functional or that are damaged

We carry out low temperature electrical connections even on very small electrodes (<100 um)

We automatically inspect our detectors to verify the quality of the electrodes