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COLORXFOOD for non-destructive analysis



ColorXFood is a research project developed by due2lab and co-financed by the European regional development fund POR-FESR 2014-2020. Objective of the project is the realization of an X-ray inspection system that allows to identify contaminants inside fresh and / or packaged foods that are currently impossible to identify with other techniques.

ColorXFood technology, exploiting the ability to identify the chemical composition and density of the material, makes possible to see foreign bodies in packaged food and drinks, even when the contaminants have the same density of the food or the container (for example shards of glass inside glass bottles).

Total costs incurred: € 122,996.79

Contribution received: € 73.655,40

What it does

ColorXFood technology is able to identify:

– plastic fragments inside sealed foods

– insects or other organic contaminants

– glass fragments inside sealed bottles

Who it is for

ColorXFood is designed for agri-food industries active in the wine, canning and pastoral sector, particularly attentive to the quality of their products and strongly export oriented.