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High-flux X-ray Spectrometer


High-flux X-ray Spectrometer (HXS) is a spectroscopic system based on CdZnTe technology for industrial X-ray MULTI-ENERGY measurements. HXS system has been developed by Due2lab to perform in-line spectroscopic measurements in presence of a high flux X-ray beam (count rate > 100 kcps)



HXS module consists of a CdZnTe sensor, a front-end and a back-end electronics for signal read-out. The system is supplied with a mechanical fixing collar and two brass collimators (1 or 2 mm in diameter). HXS employs an electronic processing board (FPGA) equipped with calculation algorithms for MULTI-ENERGY measurements.

HXS system is compatible with high X-ray photon flux  configuration, which is necessary for a rapid in-line scan on industrial production lines. The HXS module sends the processed spectra to the PC through an Ethernet interface and is supplied with MatLab drivers.

Technical Features

Energy Range (Efficiency >90%) : 10 KeV – 120 KeV

Typical Energy Resolution: 4% FWHM @60 keV (Photon Flux < 10 kcps)

Typical Energy Resolution: 10% FWHM @30 keV (Photon Flux > 700 kcps)

Maximum count rate: 2.000.000 cps (2 Mcps)

Active Detection Area : 4 mm2

Detector Thickness: 2 mm (Available also 1 and 3 mm)

Power Supply: 220V – 50 Hz

Communication Protocol: Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Base-T)

Software Control Windows

Libraries for MATLAB


Thanks to Due2lab MULTIENERGY technology, by exploiting the different absorption of X-rays, it is possible to measure the absolute value of material density and perform chemical composition analyses. HXS system represents the evolution of existing X-ray measurement systems, which employs scintillators as sensors, and can be easily integrated in industrial environment.




Discover how to use X-ray MULTI-ENERGY technology for wood panels absolute density determination



Discover how MULTI-ENERGY technology allows to distinguish different types of plastics regardless their color



Discover how MULTI-ENERGY technology allows to identify the liquids flowing inside tubes

Examples of spectra acquired with HXF 

Spectrum of Am241 radioactive source - Raw Data

Spectrum of W Anode X-ray Tube - 50 keV

Spectrum of Ag Anode X-ray Tube - 50 keV

Thanks to the FPGA digital read-out system, HXS module allows qualified users to directly access the digitalized measured signal. This is a powerful tool for the development recontruction algoritms specific for each industrial application

Digitalized signal generated by a single-photon absorption

Digitalized signal of 0,6 Mcps X-ray photon flux

The high radiation stopping power of CdZnTe material make our sensors more suitable than Si sensors for detection of radiation energies above 30 keV and allows to minimize the sensor volume with respect to massive scintillators such as NaI

CdZnTe Absorption Efficiency

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