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Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring Systems

For the monitoring of environmental radiation levels due2lab has designed and implemented a series of innovative tools based on CdZnTe technology.

S2DS2D – Portable spectrometer for environmental analyses


Due2lab S2D is a professional solution for monitoring environmental radioactivity. Thanks to the CdZnTe sensor spectroscopic capability and to the dedicated digital electronics, S2D can be used to detect, measure and analyse the radiation emitted by any radioisotopes dispersed in the environment. S2D is a key tool for detecting the presence of unwanted environmental radioactivity (for example contaminated land or waste) and accurately identifying the radioactive element responsible for the contamination.

S2D is a compact measuring instrument, easy to use and extremely versatile, thanks to the possibility of implementing the most suitable CdZnTe sensor inside it to increase the sensitivity and the spectroscopic resolution only in the energy range of interest. In particular, the single pixel detector offers a high spectroscopic resolution at low energies (10 – 120 KeV), while the hemispherical sensor guarantees high detection efficiency and excellent high-energy spectroscopy (30 KeV – 1.2 MeV). The CdZnTe technology, not requiring cooling systems, allows to easily use S2D both in the laboratory and in the field.

Technical Features

Type of detector: planar or hemispherical detector

Typical energy resolution (planar detector) @60 keV (Am241) : < 4%

Typical energy resolution (hemispherical detector) @662 keV (Cs137) : < 3%

Energy range: 10 keV – 1.2 MeV

MCA resolution: 12-bit (4096 channels)

Maximum Count Rate: 10 kcps

Stabilized Power Source ±5V

Aluminium Case

Mechanical collimators

Pyrolytic Graphite window (thickness < 100 um)

Digital interface

Connection : USB 2.0

Software Windows/MAC OS , MATLAB libraries


DDRONE – Drone for monitoring environmental radiation


DDrone represents the evolution of current environmental monitoring systems on field as it combines the remote control of a professional drone (DJI Matrice 200/210) with the exceptional performance of the compact portable S2D spectrometer developed by due2lab. DDrone is able to move in a semi-autonomous way in the area of interest, regardless of the level of radioactive contamination and the extent of the area to be measured. Thanks to the control software, it is possible to plan area scans, organize regular checks and create geo-referenced maps of radioactivity levels.

Technical Features

Equipped with the S2D – compact portable spectrometer

Type of Drone: DJI Matrice 200/210

Remote Controller with real-time radiation monitoring system 10 keV – 1.2 MeV

Flight planning software with geolocation of environmental radioactivity