Due2Lab, the start

Due2Lab s.r.l. was founded in 2014 as an innovative start-up by a group of researchers trained at IMEM, the Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism of the CNR (National Center for Research) in Parma, Italy, with proven leadership in the field of materials for detecting ionizing radiation.
Due2Lab specializes in the design and production of sensors and systems based on new semiconductor materials, particularly CdZnTe (CZT), for X-ray and Gamma-ray detection.

The Due2Lab team

Marco Garuti
President of Board
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Entrepreneur with thirty years of experience in high-tech markets, holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and International Business. He became main partner and director of a company that developed microwave applications for industrial processes, consolidating its growth and international position. He then leaded its merger into an American group, remaining at the helm for several years.

He joined Due2lab in 2021 with the task of developing and directing it in the industrial market.

Nicola Zambelli
General Director
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Graduated in Physics, he obtained his Ph.D. in the field of semiconductor materials for X-ray and gamma detection. His passion for technological innovation drove him to co-found Due2lab with the goal of transferring the know-how derived from the world of scientific research to the market.

He brings and consolidates extensive experience in the field of CZT, with a particular focus on digitalization and signal processing.

Giacomo Benassi
Technical Director
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Graduated in Material Science, he conducted his Ph.D. research at the IMEM CNR institute in Parma on the development of innovative CZT detectors for research applications. Prior to completing his Ph.D., in 2014, he became a co-founder of Due2lab to bring research innovations and know-how to the market.

As technical director at Due2lab, he oversees production and the development of new products.

Silvia Zanettini
R&D Director
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Graduated in Material Science, she pursued her Ph.D. in France at the University of Strasbourg, specializing in micro and nanofabrication technologies. She returned to Italy in 2017 to join the Due2lab team as the Head of CZT sensor fabrication, a role she carries out daily at the joint laboratory with the IMEM-CNR institute in Parma. She serves as the point of contact for Due2lab within the research and development projects in which the company is involved.

Nicola Sarzi Amade’
Data Scientist
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Graduated in Physics in 2015 and engaged in research activities for two years before undertaking and completing his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Technology in 2021 at the IMEM-CNR institute in Parma. His doctoral research focused on correction algorithms and analysis of X-ray and γ spectra from CZT detectors. He continues his work at Due2lab as a Data Scientist, aiming to enhance the performance of this class of devices.