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The XDrone project led to the creation of an advanced system for the teleoperation of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in order to locate radioactive sources in industrial contexts. The identification and location of radioactive sources is performed by equipping the UAV with an innovative CdZnTe-based solid-state X-ray detector. CZT technology allows to obtain a light, compact and portable X-ray spectrometer with very low energy consumption and integrated directly into the UAV.

The prototype developed could be of interest for all industries whose raw materials could contain radioactive dangerous materials, for example steelworks, sawmills, construction companies, recycling centers and landfills. Thanks to the haptic teleoperation system and the CZT-based X-ray spectrometer mounted on the drone, it is possible to carry out inspections in environments in which completely autonomous inspection and completely manual inspection are difficult to apply. An experienced operator, assisted by the haptic teleoperation system, will therefore be able to focus the research only on areas of particular interest, thus minimizing the flight duration of the mission.

Scientific coordinator: Andrea Zappettini (IMEM) Partners: CNR IMEM –, University of Parma, Department of Information Engineering –



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