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In-line monitoring of MDF wood boards and ceramic slabs production

Hyperspectral X-ray technology integrated into the HXD and DensXspect® inspection systems allows you to monitor conformity and homogeneity of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) panels, offering better accuracy and reproducibility than conventional X-ray machines currently used, thanks to an optimal signal/noise ratio. The inspection of the density of the MDF panel takes place in line through the use of an X-ray source (maximum energy 30 keV) and a sensor, which move together transversally to the MDF mattress. The HXD sensor-system alone is able to detect tiny relative density variations below 10 g/m2 in real time, i.e. about 0.2% of the typical average surface density value of the panel. 

The DensXspect® system, which couples the sensor part to an extremely stable and robust X-ray tube, allows a precise quantitative analysis of the X-ray attenuation due to the wood panel absorption: from this hyperspectral quantitative analysis the absolute density value of the panel itself can be extracted. 

With the aim of going towards zero-defect manufacturing, Due2lab inspection systems are also strategic for in-line monitoring of ceramic slab production. The in-line inspection of the ceramic material is essential after slab forming and before firing, where the identification of any inhomogeneities allows to provide the feedback to tile press/roller slab press that may correct the process and reduce scraps.  It has also been demonstrated that HXD and DensXspect® make it possible to identify unexpected variations in the chemical composition of the  ceramic mix, as well as water content whose variation can de detected.