Projects, collaborations
and technological innovation

Due2Lab maintains an ongoing relationship with both national and international research organizations, and participates in numerous research projects at various TRL (Technology Readiness Level).

Below we list the main research projects carried out or in progress, broken down into the various areas linked to technological innovation.


Due2Lab has officially joined the Italian Space Industry, a group of Italian companies involved, at various levels, in the aerospace industry supply chain.

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X-ray and gamma-ray sensors obviously play a key role in nuclear medicine, and are used both in diagnostics and in the younger field of ‘theranostics’, i.e. the integration of a diagnostic method with a specific therapeutic intervention.

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CZT’s high radiation absorption capacity, its excellent spectroscopy and its operation at room temperature make it the ideal material for the detection of radioactive sources in specific areas, whether for environmental monitoring or the decommissioning of waste and contaminated areas.

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Among the various industrial production sectors that are potentially driving the development of new technologies, the food process market is certainly one of those where X-ray inspection plays an important role. Since its inception, Due2Lab has been offering innovative solutions for contaminant and foreign body control, anti-counterfeiting control, and monitoring the health status of a given food product.

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Next-generation sensors

Due2Lab remains a benchmark for the fabrication of CdZnTe-based sensors that are used in international research facilities such as synchrotrons, especially for the detection of energetic X-rays (>10 keV).

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