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CZT’s high radiation absorption capacity, its excellent spectroscopy and its operation at room temperature make it the ideal material for the detection of radioactive sources in specific areas, whether for environmental monitoring or for the decommissioning of waste and contaminated areas.

The GammaDrone project is part of the CNR’s “PAL” Program, funded through the Proof of Concept (POC) call issued by the Ministry of Economic Development.
The project is carried out by IMEM-CNR (Parma) in collaboration with Due2Lab and other companies, and is aimed at developing a system for the detection of radioactive pollutants that can be installed on remotely piloted air or ground vehicles.
The project produced the HGD detector, which to date shows better sensitivity to minimal radiative doses while remaining a lightweight and portable instrument. In addition, HGD is equipped with an artificial intelligence algorithm that can very quickly identify and quantify which radioactive isotope was picked up (patented).