Non-destructive testing

for industrial lines

Hyperspectral inspection generates huge amount of complex data and information about the material being investigated.

That is why Due2Lab provides advanced support and sound expertise in the application of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, which are strategic for getting the most out of the data collected.


In-line monitoring of MDF wood boards and ceramic slabs production 


The DensXspect® inspection system can appreciate minute discrepancies of X-ray attenuation and attribute them to density inhomogeneities or chemical composition variations. 


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Plastic items grading


The DensXspect® system, by means of hyperspectral X-ray technology and artificial intelligence algorithms, can discriminate different types of elastomer products, which are optically identical and undistinguishable with any other tecnique. 

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Food products inspection and control

Non-destructive X-ray analysis is widely used by the food industry for foreign body detection and fill-level check. 

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Recycled material waste sorting

With the aim to boost circular economy, X-ray analysis is now employed for recycled materials sorting, in particular for metal waste recovery. 

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