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X-ray and gamma ray sensors obviously play a key role in nuclear medicine, and are used in both diagnostics and the younger field of “theranostics,” which is the integration of a diagnostic method with a specific therapeutic intervention.

  • DoseCapture Project
    funded by the Department of Physics, University of Pavia.

Due2Lab designed and built a spectroscopic imaging system for real-time detection of prompt-gamma beams, used in real-time and in-vivo dosimetry during Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) treatments.
The prototype, named “DoseCapture,” was designed for preclinical use: it consists of 4 identical modules, each equipped with 4 Frisch-grid type CZT sensors and 8 signal readout channels.

To date, the DoseCapture is in the BNCT Imaging Laboratory at the University of Pavia. The goal is to validate the technology through testing in a preclinical environment at the neutron beam at LENA (Applied Nuclear Energy Laboratory), and then optimize its use at the future BNCT facility under construction at CNAO in Pavia (National Center for Oncology Hadrontherapy).