DensXspect ®

Single pixel X-ray spectroscopic measurement system


  • Extremely stable X-ray generator, punctual X-ray radiation beam
  • Latest generation spectroscopic sensor
  • Easily inspectable and adjustable sensor
  • Real-time absolute density calculation
  • Real-time chemical composition recognition
  • Data transmission via Ethernet
  • Automatic machine status management, including safety conditions
  • Mechanical “C” design for simple continuous line integration
  • Integrated electrical power and control panel
  • Visual machine status information with LEDs

Height: 590 mm
Depth: 786 mm
Width: 160 mm



DensXspect is an inspection system for measuring the absolute density and elemental composition of materials or items using X-ray transmission. 

The X-ray generator integrated in DensXspect delivers a continuous and punctual X-ray radiative flux, with a diameter of only 500 micrometers. The sensor receiving the X-ray beam attenuated by the material itself is able to read the resulting spectrum. This sensor is made of a Cadmium-Zinc-Tellurium (CZT) semiconductor, whose signal is read by high-speed electronics: it measures both the X-ray photons intensity and their energy. Raw data analysis using artificial intelligence algorithms allows to extract the unique definition of the inspected material “fingerprint”, i.e. a set of information that identifies its density and its chemical composition with extreme accuracy. 

The information is transmitted on the Ethernet port for subsequent use. The low power and the reduced geometric dimension of the X-ray beam allow to use the DensXspect system in easy compliance of the safety radioprotection standards: the radiation level is within law limit for safety.


When turned on, the DensXspect® performs a series of checks and goes into a state of waiting for the functional enable command: X-ray scanning occurs only when that command is active. In this state, the DensXspect® analyzes the material in real time and outputs the information over Ethernet line through a simple communication protocol. All control of the system can be done through Ethernet protocol commands.

The DensXspect® non-contact scanning system should preferably be installed using the mounting structure that also contains the electrical cabinet. The two arms containing the X-ray emitter on one side and the receiving sensor on the other side must, in use, be kept free from mechanical vibration. It is also preferable, but not mandatory, to mount vertically as shown because it facilitates accessibility to the various parts. Air cooling of the DensXspect® takes place with the closed module, with filters, contained below the cabinet: where the ambient working temperature was greater than 40°C, conditioning of the incoming air to lower temperature levels is a must.