Dose Capture

Gamma-ray spectroscopic detector


Optimal energy resolution for gamma ray detection 

  • State-of-the-art Virtual Frisch-grid sensors
  • High radiation absorption efficiency
  • Excellent spectroscopy even in presence of intense radiation background 
  • Possibility of incorporating a neutron screen
  • Calibration certificate with different isotopes
  • 8 reading channels synchronized (10 ns)
  • Data transmission with Ethernet protocol
  • Supplied with a simple software GUI
  • Rugged aluminum housing, dust proof

Base: 350 x 41 mm
Height: 200 mm (without connectors)



DoseCapture is a radiation detection system designed for real-time spectroscopic measurement of gamma rays: in particular, it has been designed for an optimal detection of photons with energy around 500 keV. Being equipped with four independent Virtual Frisch-grid CZT detectors arranged in a row (to form an array of 4 pixels) and with a parallel-holes 20 mm thick lead collimator, each DoseCapture module offers a coarse spatial resolution (roughly 5mm pitch). For each CZT sensor, anode and cathode signals are acquired synchronously and processed by the digital signal processing algorithm embedded in the digital signal processor (FPGA), to further improve the spectral resolution and signal-to-noise ratio. 

Thanks to the combination of CZT semiconductor sensors, advanced digital readout and pulse processing, each DoseCapture module guarantees excellent spectroscopy even in the presence of intense background radiation. 

DoseCapture is a modular component and can be assembled in linear arrays to form a multihead imaging system for applications such as BNCT-SPECT or SPECT. 


DoseCapture is a self-contained module; when powered it continuously measures incoming radiation.
Transmission of data, measurement parameters and log file can be transmitted from/to DoseCapture using a PC and a Gigabit Ethernet connection.
Each module has a unique IP address, and a multi-module configuration can be implemented using a single PC and an Ethernet switch connected to the DoseCapture modules.
Each DoseCapture module must be powered through the specific power line adapter.