Hyperspectral Gamma-ray detector


  • Environmental radioactivity detection with high sensitivity 
  • State-of-the-art hemispherical sensor (CZT) 
  • Sensor protected by an aluminum window 
  • Spectra acquisition and download at programmable time intervals 
  • Calibration certificate of energy resolution done with radioactive sources  
  • Data transmission with simple protocol over USB-C port 
  • Multicolor LEDs to display detector status 
  • Powered by battery or via USB-C port 
  • Supplied with simple software GUI 
  • Rugged, lightweight, dust-proof aluminium housing

Diameter: 49 mm max.
Length: 176 mm (senza connettori)



HGD is a detection system for measuring gamma-ray radiation by means of a hemispherical CZT crystal placed behind a thin aluminum protective cover. It has been designed for standalone functioning, being equipped with a battery power unit. A standard USB-C port allows you to download the energy spectra of the detected radiation, as well as to recharge the internal battery. The system comes with an intuitive data acquisition software interface. The operating time, without external power supply, can go up to 8 hours. The hemispherical sensor consists of a 0.5 cm3 volume Cadmium-Zinc-Telluride semiconductor element, connected with a high-speed single-photon counting electronics, capable of measuring each photon energy with extreme precision. 

HGD can optionally be equipped with proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms that allow real-time recognition and quantification of the detected radioactive isotopic sources. 


When turned on, the HGD detector performs a series of checks and goes into a state of waiting for the functional enable command: gamma ray acquisition mode occurs only when this command is active. When the detector is connected with USB-C port, the enable command is done through the GUI.

In battery operation, control is by pressing the front button. Once enabled, the detector starts recording data that are saved on an internal memory. All detector controls can be performed through GUI commands. Total spectra can be downloaded at user-defined intervals.