Hyperspectral X-ray spectrometer


  • Detection of X-rays and Gamma rays
  • High-performance spectroscopic sensor
  • Operates at room temperature without the need for forced cooling
  • The DPP unit exists in 2-channels/sensors and 8-channels/sensors versions
  • Energy range 5 keV – 250 keV or 15 keV – 2 MeV
  • Photon flux up to 1 MCps
  • Absolute density and elemental detection in real time
  • HXS comes with all interconnecting cables
  • Design plug-and-play
  • SpectrumPanel PC software included

Width: 287,5 mm
Height: 78 mm
Depth: 242 mm



The HXS spectrometer is a high-performance X-ray spectroscopic instrument for X-ray and Gamma detection based on Cadmium-Zinc-Telluride (CZT) semiconductor sensor.
The system is designed for room temperature X-ray spectroscopy, requiring no special cooling conditions.
The HXS system consists of a sensor unit (D2L001 or D2L001-HE), which combines a CZT semiconductor sensor with associated front-end electronics, and a single-channel digital pulse processor unit (D2L009-1). The HXS module sends the processed spectra to the user’s PC via an Ethernet interface and comes with a dedicated software interface (HX Spectro).
With the HXS spectrometer, anyone can quickly obtain high quality X and Gamma spectra. The detector module comes with a mechanical fixing collar that houses a collimator with a specific aperture.
The collimator material is adapted by Due2lab to the application for which the spectrometer is used.
HXS uses a high-performance processor board equipped with real-time processing algorithms for counting single photons and detecting their energy.
The CdZnTe detector is designed to achieve optimal energy resolution in the range of 5 keV-250 keV (D2L001) or 15 keV- 2 MeV (D2L001-HE).
It can acquire a photon flux of up to 1 MCps. All connections between the CZT sensor and preamplifier are pre-tested to ensure rapid first use by the user.
The HXS module is supplied with the power cables and coaxial signal cables.


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