CZT Sensor

Cadmium-zinc telluride sensors
(single-pixel, linear arrays and arrays of pixels)

Due2lab can reprocess CdZnTe crystals for various applications, thanks to its know-how in refabricating both standard CZT and the most recently developed high-flux CZT, which has different electrical characteristics and therefore requires a different manufacturing procedure. The high-flux CZT reprocessing process have been developed in collaboration with IMEM-CNR institute in Parma. 



  • Single pixel sensors, normal or elongated
  • Linear multi-pixel sensors (linear array)
  • 2D matrix multi-pixel sensors, with pitch down to 50 um
  • Hemispherical sensors, various active volumes (from 0.02 cm2 to 4 cm2)
  • 3D-stripes sensors
  • Frisch-grid type sensors